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A Voice From Darkness is a horror & dark fantasy audiodrama podcast in the form of a call-in radio show. It is written and produced by Jac Rhys.

Dr. Malcolm Ryder, parapsychologist and host of the show, takes calls from those who experience the supernatural and strange - to let them tell their stories and to give his advice on how best to handle their terrifying encounters.

The A Voice From Darkness Wiki is a fanmade encyclopaedia that aims to be a helpful resource for fans or casual listeners.

Resources[edit | edit source]

The official transcripts are available on the official tumblr account and you can find the links for the individual episode transcripts on the designated episode page or on their official website.

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A (fanmade) list of content warnings

If you want to talk about the show, come join the Discord server!

Recurring Characters[edit | edit source]

Name First Episode Description
Dr. Malcolm Ryder Ep 01 - The Black Door Radio Host and Parapsychologist, Narrator
Amanda Fullerton Ep 01 - The Black Door recurring caller, haunted by the black door
Julian Holloway Ep 06 - Broken Mirror Missing person with a mysterious career
Mike Voicemails From Darkness - MSG 1: Night Drive recurring caller, haunted by the mirror leeches
Andy Voicemails From Darkness - MSG 2: The Countdowns recurring caller, knows when people will die
Danielle Ep 07 - Paisley, or: The Man Who Stands In The Shade Of The Cypress Tree recurring character, haunted by a man in her wallpaper
The Traveling Salesman Ep 02 - Do Not Ask Questions recurring character

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